Candy Mania Games

Candy mania games. Fran s cake and candy.

Candy Mania Games


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candy mania games

candy mania games – Razer Electra

Razer Electra Essential Gaming & Music Headset (RZ04-00700200-R3U1)
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Candy Land Game Board

Candy Land Game Board
Candy Land Game Board in Toy Story Mania Queing Line

Candy Land game

Candy Land game
Toy Story Midway Mania queue

candy mania games

New Carnival Games
The Ultimate Family Friendly game that kids, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa can all play

Product Description
From the Manufacturer
New Carnival Games
Family fun for up to 4 players
Family fun for up to 4 players
more than 30 brand-new games
More than 30 brand-new games
300 all-New carnival prizes
300 all-new carnival prizes
You can almost taste the popcorn and cotton candy. You can almost hear the joyful music and the sound of laughter jingling through the air. That’s right — the carnival is coming back to town, and the entire family will want to come out for the wacky attractions, addicting games and rollicking fun it’s bringing along. Bounce on into a vibrant and exciting world — once you start playing, you’ll never want to leave.

New Carnival Games brings the fun of the carnival into your living room, and gets the whole family together for skill-testing competitive and cooperative games accompanied by side-splitting laughs. This time, you’ll experience a world of brand-new adventures that are wackier than ever and win exciting wearables from the biggest prize rack you’ve ever seen. For the first time ever at the Carnival, you can use your Wii MotionPlus controller accessory (not included). Step right up to the ultimate carnival for family fun like never before — and you don’t even have to wait in line.

Key Features:
For 1 to 4 players
All of the family fun and wacky laughs of the original multimillion unit-selling game is back with more hilarious carnival adventures than ever
Compete in more than 30 brand-new games and attractions
Get into the action and enhance every move you make with new and exciting Wii MotionPlus compatibility (Wii MotionPlus not included)
Show off your gaming prowess as you collect 300 all-new carnival prizes and wacky wearables
Challenge your family and friends to head-to-head competitions or team up for cooperative play in multiplayer modes